Sorry to disappoint….
But there is only one simple price for VIRA
– $14.99 per month –



One Location

Connect and backup your VIRA content to your iCloud account, dedicated per location (e.g town or depot).

Data Storage

With icloud you can easily backup your reporting and store it in the cloud, limiting the requirements and expectations of the storage of your IOS device.

Photo Evidence

Photos reduce the ambiguity and provide an up-to-the-minute value of the vehicle. Also featured with a date stamp, VIRA takes away the unknown from vehicle inspection reporting.

PDF Report Sharing

Flexibility of reporting is made possible by the PDF report function allowing you to share or download for your own purposes.

Signature Capture

Capturing signatures is not only a great feature but also a commitment from the person that the details are correct.

Inspection Data

There’s more to the inspection process than meets the eye and we have included as many details as possible to help you complete it with ease.

History Search

Need to go back and check some information from a week ago for a client? VIRA has you covered with a comprehensive history search.

Multiple Users

Multiple users is important to track and hold staff accountable for their transaction within the VIRA App. Ensuring that everyone enters the relevant information.

IOS Functionality

VIRA is currently only available on IOS and therefore requires an ipad or iphone to operate. VIRA is best utilised with an ipad that is dedicated to the solution.

"We have used VIRA every day for the past few months, not only has it saved us money from 'that was there when I picked it up ' people... but it has also saved valuable time. It's so easy to use and our staff love it! I only wish this was available years ago. I can only imagine the time and money it would have saved us. Thank you VIRA"

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