VIRA has been created for the vehicle hiring industry with you in mind. We wanted to ensure that there is a system available that provides you with a positive, consistent, reliable and stress-free vehicle hire – every time! VIRA puts you in the driver’s seat early by ensuring that there are no questions or hidden factors when hiring a vehicle. It means that you can place complete trust in your selected hire company and the vehicle throughout the whole experience with VIRA’s thorough vehicle reporting and reliable record keeping.

Don’t leave wondering if a company was thorough and efficient in their vehicle inspecting – be confident that with VIRA, no stone is left unturned!



VIRA tracks and reports on the current status of a vehicle to ensure that you have peace of mind. With VIRA, there are no questions around the condition of a vehicle, which means that you are only accountable for what applies to you.


You can be rest assured that you are receiving a reliable and consistent service every time you hire a vehicle with VIRA.


VIRA's primary purpose is to be a platform for vehicle reporting. What does this mean for you? There is increased assurance that your vehicle hiring experience is honest and trustworthy, every time.


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